Business as Usual


Like many of you… I receive emails quite often that have been forwarded to friends that have elected to pass them on.  Some of the views I agree with…some are slanted to promote one party’s agenda….while others I have simply found to be untruths.

Regardless of what political party you may identify with (if any) or even if you have absolutely no interest in politics or politicians… I strongly suggest you view this short video in regard to the contents that will affect you and your family regardless of your views or political affiliation.

The primary reason that this activity exist (as referenced in the video) is because we allow it.  Now I understand that each one of us have our own responsibilities or interest that occupy our daily routines, and the older you become…those days appear to become shorter.  I’m not asking you to alter your day… but to reflect for a moment and ask yourself is there anything that I can do to help eliminate “the idiotic business as usual” nonsense in Washington? Voting…emailing your elected officials…passing on emails that reflect your views to friends or etc. These are the minimum things that you should exercise.  Its’ the etc…I am asking you to give thought to.

Growing up in a small community I received news that was spoon feed me via newspaper or a 30 minute television time slot each day.  If there was a political agenda attached to it…I wasn’t aware of it… smart enough to know it…or I just wasn’t paying attention because of a lack of interest.  The truth is…it was probably a combination of all of these.

Today there is no excuse…with the internet there is almost nothing that can’t be researched in a matter of minutes… that can and will have an affect on your way of life…“regardless if you choose not to get involved”…you will be. Knowledge, words and actions are the most powerful tools to help create change…but only if you share them.

Watch this video for its content (regardless of its self interest or political affiliation)… “Business as Usual” needs to change.  The masses are controlled by a few though “sound bits, lies, self preservation and concealment of the truth”.  The truth is there…if you look for it.




DISCLAIMER: The information presented is either my opinion or information obtained from sources believed to be reliable and factual; however, I make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy thereof. Any errors, including misuse or misspelling of words is either due to my fingers hitting the wrong keys, oversight, or my own ignorance.

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