The Journey of Life


I often listen to music, see films and read articles that were created by individuals who are no longer with us…which makes me more aware that life on this earth has an up-coming ending.  No great revelation…just makes me more conscious of the aging process.

I look at a 12-inch ruler and view it as the measuring device for the amount of time one spends on this earth…and I am now on the short end of that stick.  I am very lucky that I am not ill, depressed or suffering from an economic hardship and that I have a loving wife and son.

I am still very active in my chosen profession and believe that I am good at helping my Client’s and friends with knowledge that benefits them…but at times I feel that I could do more to help others…unrelated to business.

There are a multitude of charities that reach out to help people with a monetary or physical need and it good that those individuals and organization are there.  It may sound selfish…but that isn’t my passion. I would prefer to inspire an individual to understand the importance of assuming responsible of one’s self.  It would be counter-productive for me to be part of an organization or a committee of group thinkers because of my perspective.

Our educators today have a very challenging role due to “group thinkers” who create a curriculum that is based on test scores results…money, political correctness and passing one on to the next level.  In my opinion when the “board” (applied to back side) of education and the teachers authority was diminished …so was the lesson that one’s actions and lack of respect for authority… has consequences.   The real education starts with life in the world of self-preservation…which most are not prepared for.  You won’t hear a bell ring or someone standing before you daily to lecture…but the knowledge and experience of every day is before you…learn from it. Life is not fair or equal…get over it!  You may receive a helping hand along the way…but there are less speed bumps to deal with when an individual accepts the responsibility for one’s own actions.

Society in general tend to look at titles and one’s materialistic accumulations as “Success”.  Don’t get confused or defined by someone else’s definition…unless it mirrors your passion and the direction that you want to take.  “Success is not the Key to Happiness…Happiness is the Key to Success. If you love what you are doing…you are successful”.  My definition is based on personal satisfaction, independence and the security that provides that freedom.

There is an old expression “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” …not true…Make it Happen! Discover your passion and talent and start the journey to self-fulfillment, whatever it may be.

Remember that “Life is the Journey”, not the destination…which has already been determined.

Johnny J.

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