Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan?

During the time these two served as Present of the United States…they both were popular in the eyes of the general public regardless if you were a Republican or Democrat.  Yes…there were people that hated them both, I’m not that naïve…but most people voted based on their own beliefs, tradition, and the personality and charisma of the politician.   Even though there were major differences within each party they represented…they made compromises to get things done.  Our government is not perfect by any means, but it is the best and provides freedom and opportunity better than any other.

Today our political structure fringes on the border of treason…it is more divisive than it has ever been. It has the “appearance of a coup” trying to overthrow the elected government with whatever means it takes.  No preparation of preparing for the next election…only to focus on the destruction of the one that has been put in place.  Working together for the good of the Country is not the objective.  The objective is “power by numbers” regardless of the lies and pandering that it takes to obtain them.

I honestly believe that you could have two farm animals running in a general election today and each would be supported by their perspective party without questioning the animal’s qualifications…or even caring that they are “farm animals”.  It’s not about “the will of the people”…it’s about the greed, self-preservation and power of the politicians.

Are there some people in our political system with good intentions?…Yes, but at the end of the day the majority fall in line and vote with their party regardless of their personal views of what is best for the Country.

Is it correctable?…I am not sure, but if we don’t try by voting individuals into office that are not extremist left or right it will be difficult.  Decisions need to be made applying common sense, facts and the truth…and what is best for the Country, not what is best for themselves or their party.   If not…then we have traveled down a road of destruction.   Term limits is the beginning to turn this path of destruction around.   Get rid of the “public servants” who have spent a lifetime (or preparing to) “serving themselves”.

Johnny J.

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