Qualified to Vote

Voting is the most single powerfully right that the average ever day American has…in determining the future of our Country.

That single statement should carry a lot of responsibility…but unfortunately it doesn’t.

We have basic rules and limited laws that provides the opportunity for an individual to vote…being knowledgeable of the issues and candidates is not one of them.  Eight second sound bites from pandering politicians and political pundits should not be the depth of your knowledge in order to cast a ballot.

Below is an additional qualification that should be added in order to cast a vote:

To be given a simple multiple choice test.  Each question would have a selection of at least 3 options more than the correct answer to choose from.  Three simple questions:

  1. What are three branches of our government?
  2. Who is the current Vice President of the United States?
  3. Which principle below has our Country based its success?

a.  Communism    b. Socialism     c.  Government by the People

There was a study made and these 3 questions was given to a group of present voters…”75% failed” to answer all three questions correctly.  Unbelievable!

Do you find it a little frightening that these people are making decisions that will affect your life and the direction that this Country is taking?

Everyone has an acquaintance or knows of someone that is somewhat limited when it comes to making sound decisions.  My question to you is…would you turn your finances and everyday decision making over to that person who can’t make sensible decisions for himself ?  No. Unfortunately the decisions he makes will usually only affect him and his family.  When an unqualified voter votes…it affects us all.

Now back to the test that 75% failed…I made it up, yes I lied…but when you read it you like most others you internalized that 8 second sound bite as fact.  Politicians and political pundits specialize in 8 second sound bites through repetition until you drink the cool aid.  Become knowledgeable of how your government works and investigate the 8 second bites for the truth….be a qualified voter.

Johnny J.

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