Grow a Pair

The contents of this post may look and sound familiar because of the consistency of the political arena for the past three years.

A game of politicians and lawyers…it’s a disgrace!  “We the people” should fire them all…one by one.

We pay their salaries as politicians and many of them spend their time as attorneys doing what they do best…complicating matters and/or wasting the tax-payers money by billing each other firms for that irresponsible waste.

The charade in Congress today is a “visible display of treason”… consisting of lies, undermining, fabricating, whatever it takes to attempt to overthrow the administration in power.  If it weren’t so pathetic…it would be laughable. It’s all about power, control and self-serving preservation.

It is a swamp…that is slowly being drained…but continues to be “clogged” by new entries into the system…with the intelligence of a doorknob.   Let me remind you that intelligence has nothing to do with a degree from an ivy-league school…or one’s pedigree.  It’s the ability to “think”, apply common sense to issues and using your voice and actions to do what is best for this country…not for yourself or your party.

What about the pundits…left or right?  They express their opinions (or the ones that they are paid to express) as if they are the masters of all knowledge….also let’s not forget the personalities and celebrities that fit into this group.  The statement that best fits the importance of this group was when someone told Barbara Streisand… “Just shut up and sing”.

The continuing attempt to erase our history and being politically correct to a fault is destroying the very fiber of the foundation of our Country.    History is important… it provides a rear-view mirror of what we have done right and what we have done wrong.  It provides us an opportunity to accomplish more and reminds us not to repeat the injustices of the past.  Striving for a country that provides an opportunity for all…should be our object.  I didn’t use the word “equal” for a reason…that would imply that we are “all the same” and if someone doesn’t advance in life…it must be our Country’s fault?  Life is not fair for a multitude of reason, intelligence (not education) environment, desire, ambition, motivation, etc… so get over it and accept some responsibility for yourself.

In the words of Larry Winget (writer, business and personal development speaker )… “GROW A PAIR”!

Johnny J. 

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