From time to time I feel compelled to write things about my beliefs and observations.  These posts are really for sorting out things that (in my view) are complicated, defy common sense, or how the changing times affect the landscape of today.

I do not consider myself  to be politically correct  nor to be a prejudice person.   If I were to have  “one identifiable prejudice” it would be what I perceive as “stupidity “…I have a low threshold of tolerance for actions or comments I consider to be stupid (which reflects one of my many character flaws).  Lets’ not confuse the word “ignorant” with the word “stupid”… WE are all ignorant… “ignorance” is a lack of knowledge…but the character Forrest Gump said it best…”stupid is… as stupid does” and  as the comedian Ron White explains…”you just can’t fix stupid”.

These posts are meant for you to reflect on your own life and see if there are any similar thoughts or experiences.  Take some personal time to ponder…not pander.


 DISCLAIMER: The information presented is either my opinion or information obtained from sources believed to be reliable and factual; however, I make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy thereof. Any errors, including misuse or misspelling of words is either due to my fingers hitting the wrong keys, oversight, or my own ignorance

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