Pick A Country To Live In…

Pick A Country To Live In…

If  you continually find yourself complaining about this Country, take a moment and look at the philosophy and structure of the different governments below…then decide where you want to live.

But before you do…look at our Country’s beginning.  The primary reason that America was established was to provide a place to live that permitted the opportunity for freedom that didn’t exist under a monarch.

Definition of a republic … a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

Definition of democracy…a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

* The main difference between a democracy and a republic is the extent to which the people control the process of making laws under each form of government.

 “We the people” elect individuals to represent our values, rights, protect our freedoms and make laws according to the constraints of a constitution.   Welcome to a Republic.

Definition of capitalism…an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

A republic allows capitalism to prevail by permitting individuals to achieve based on their talent, motivation, ingenuity, skills, and freedom to reap the benefits of their labor.   It’s called opportunity…not a guarantee.  At one time it was the reason people came to America…for opportunity…not to change it.

Definition of socialism …a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

A government that collects from the production of some and shares with all, an unrealistic method of fairness.  This destroys motivation, innovation, and denies the freedom of entrepreneurs to reap the rewards of their labor.   Eventually you run out of other people’s money…game over!

Definition of communism…a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

A government with self-interest of the ruling class at the top.  One’s freedom and rewards are determined by the ruling class and given at their discretion .  Successful entrepreneurship doesn’t exist in this form of government.   If you want to be told what to do, when to do it and how to do it…then this would be a perfect government for you.

When you look at the options above…America is still the best country to live in.  We share more things in common (that we take for granted)…than we have in differences.

Remember…there is no perfect world…fairness is a myth; freedom is a precious commodity…and opportunity is in the mind and initiative of the individual.  God Bless America…for providing that opportunity .

Johnny J.  

“It Just Wasn’t My Time”…

“It Just Wasn’t My Time”…

A few months ago I experienced an unexpected episode…Cardiac Arrest.

People often use the terms heart attack and cardiac arrest as interchangeable, but they are not synonyms.  In cardiac arrest the heart rhythm causes the heart to stop beating.  Without quick treatment, it causes sudden cardiac death. The national average survival rate is a little over 10% and survival with good neurological function is little more than 8%.

I wasn’t familiar with the information above until after my episode…”I am one lucky guy”.

I can honestly say that my wife loves me…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.  In the middle of the night she noticed that I was moaning but not breathing…she immediately dialed  911, and with the instructions on the other end of the phone she begin to perform CPR until the first responders arrived. With their training and equipment they took over and after a few minutes I was rushed to the hospital… where my wife was told of the statistics that I listed above.  If the roles were reversed I am not sure that I would have been able to deal with those words and expectations…she truly is the better half.

I was told that a series of techniques was used by the doctors and their staff to stabilize me and prepare me for surgery…at which time I received three stents in my heart.  My wife was told that the next 24 hours would be critical…and not to expect the best…if I survived.

I was in the hospital for four days…but it wasn’t until 3 days after leaving the hospital that I was made aware of what had occurred….even though I remember nothing during that 7-day period.   My wife informed me that after surgery (and regaining consciousness after the critical wait period) that I had normal conversations with friends and the hospital staff…well “almost” normal conversations…once again I had beaten the odds in regard to the neurological functions.  My “buddies” tend to disagree with that assessment.  My response to them…I went in “brilliant” and came out “normal” just like you guys.  That really is “guy humor”.

Seven days after the cardiac arrest my wife and I visited the team of first responders, doctor and the hospital staff to thank them for their help and involvement. I special thanks to the friends that reached out to my wife and gave support and encouragement…to all we are eternally grateful.

Life is a gift with an expiration date, but apparently… it just wasn’t my time.

Johnny J

Side Note:  Goggle the American Heart Association and learn more about the cause, prevention, and how to respond to someone experiencing cardiac arrest…learn CPR.

Grow a Pair

Grow a Pair

The contents of this post may look and sound familiar because of the consistency of the political arena for the past three years.

A game of politicians and lawyers…it’s a disgrace!  “We the people” should fire them all…one by one.

We pay their salaries as politicians and many of them spend their time as attorneys doing what they do best…complicating matters and/or wasting the tax-payers money by billing each other firms for that irresponsible waste.

The charade in Congress today is a “visible display of treason”… consisting of lies, undermining, fabricating, whatever it takes to attempt to overthrow the administration in power.  If it weren’t so pathetic…it would be laughable. It’s all about power, control and self-serving preservation.

It is a swamp…that is slowly being drained…but continues to be “clogged” by new entries into the system…with the intelligence of a doorknob.   Let me remind you that intelligence has nothing to do with a degree from an ivy-league school…or one’s pedigree.  It’s the ability to “think”, apply common sense to issues and using your voice and actions to do what is best for this country…not for yourself or your party.

What about the pundits…left or right?  They express their opinions (or the ones that they are paid to express) as if they are the masters of all knowledge….also let’s not forget the personalities and celebrities that fit into this group.  The statement that best fits the importance of this group was when someone told Barbara Streisand… “Just shut up and sing”.

The continuing attempt to erase our history and being politically correct to a fault is destroying the very fiber of the foundation of our Country.    History is important… it provides a rear-view mirror of what we have done right and what we have done wrong.  It provides us an opportunity to accomplish more and reminds us not to repeat the injustices of the past.  Striving for a country that provides an opportunity for all…should be our object.  I didn’t use the word “equal” for a reason…that would imply that we are “all the same” and if someone doesn’t advance in life…it must be our Country’s fault?  Life is not fair for a multitude of reason, intelligence (not education) environment, desire, ambition, motivation, etc… so get over it and accept some responsibility for yourself.

In the words of Larry Winget (writer, business and personal development speaker )… “GROW A PAIR”!

Johnny J. 

Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan?

During the time these two served as Present of the United States…they both were popular in the eyes of the general public regardless if you were a Republican or Democrat.  Yes…there were people that hated them both, I’m not that naïve…but most people voted based on their own beliefs, tradition, and the personality and charisma of the politician.   Even though there were major differences within each party they represented…they made compromises to get things done.  Our government is not perfect by any means, but it is the best and provides freedom and opportunity better than any other.

Today our political structure fringes on the border of treason…it is more divisive than it has ever been. It has the “appearance of a coup” trying to overthrow the elected government with whatever means it takes.  No preparation of preparing for the next election…only to focus on the destruction of the one that has been put in place.  Working together for the good of the Country is not the objective.  The objective is “power by numbers” regardless of the lies and pandering that it takes to obtain them.

I honestly believe that you could have two farm animals running in a general election today and each would be supported by their perspective party without questioning the animal’s qualifications…or even caring that they are “farm animals”.  It’s not about “the will of the people”…it’s about the greed, self-preservation and power of the politicians.

Are there some people in our political system with good intentions?…Yes, but at the end of the day the majority fall in line and vote with their party regardless of their personal views of what is best for the Country.

Is it correctable?…I am not sure, but if we don’t try by voting individuals into office that are not extremist left or right it will be difficult.  Decisions need to be made applying common sense, facts and the truth…and what is best for the Country, not what is best for themselves or their party.   If not…then we have traveled down a road of destruction.   Term limits is the beginning to turn this path of destruction around.   Get rid of the “public servants” who have spent a lifetime (or preparing to) “serving themselves”.

Johnny J.

Qualified to Vote

Voting is the most single powerfully right that the average ever day American has…in determining the future of our Country.

That single statement should carry a lot of responsibility…but unfortunately it doesn’t.

We have basic rules and limited laws that provides the opportunity for an individual to vote…being knowledgeable of the issues and candidates is not one of them.  Eight second sound bites from pandering politicians and political pundits should not be the depth of your knowledge in order to cast a ballot.

Below is an additional qualification that should be added in order to cast a vote:

To be given a simple multiple choice test.  Each question would have a selection of at least 3 options more than the correct answer to choose from.  Three simple questions:

  1. What are three branches of our government?
  2. Who is the current Vice President of the United States?
  3. Which principle below has our Country based its success?

a.  Communism    b. Socialism     c.  Government by the People

There was a study made and these 3 questions was given to a group of present voters…”75% failed” to answer all three questions correctly.  Unbelievable!

Do you find it a little frightening that these people are making decisions that will affect your life and the direction that this Country is taking?

Everyone has an acquaintance or knows of someone that is somewhat limited when it comes to making sound decisions.  My question to you is…would you turn your finances and everyday decision making over to that person who can’t make sensible decisions for himself ?  No. Unfortunately the decisions he makes will usually only affect him and his family.  When an unqualified voter votes…it affects us all.

Now back to the test that 75% failed…I made it up, yes I lied…but when you read it you like most others you internalized that 8 second sound bite as fact.  Politicians and political pundits specialize in 8 second sound bites through repetition until you drink the cool aid.  Become knowledgeable of how your government works and investigate the 8 second bites for the truth….be a qualified voter.

Johnny J.

Who cares about the truth?

I  recently wrote a post comparing “truth” and “fact” and determined that they are not synonymous.

The word truth is many times combined with “someone’s interpretation” and a “matter of fact”. An individual needs to examine  and use their judgement to arrive at the percentage of truth and fact.

With that said…let’s get back to the topic “Who cares about the truth”?

I question “that” on a daily basis after looking at the items that are before me through the political news media or individual conversations that I have with friends.  So many of the average public have “tuned out” due to the “do-nothing” political rhetoric.  Unfortunately, the extremist (left and right) are still very much engaged and influencing voters with 15 second soundbites that go un-challenged.

For example:  70 % of the all Americans believe that …(whatever).  Did anyone call you and ask you what you believe?…No One called me!…So who are these Americans by name that made up that 70%, and what are the names of the 30% that apparently disagreed?…be concerned but don’t buy into numbers just because someone placed them before you.

I can take “any side” of an issue and provide you with the percentage numbers that I need to meet my objective.  I can do this by “selecting” the right audience to provide those numbers…or if I am in a hurry just make them up and move on to the next 15 second soundbite….after all, who cares about the truth?

The fundamental structure and values of Our County are more threaten today than they have ever been (from within) by emotion, ignorance and a desire for power. Common-sense unfortunately has become uncommon.

Logic, common-sense, and accountability must prevail or we will “wake-up” and find that we live in a Country that we no longer recognize.  Don’t swallow what you are fed by politicians, pundits, or any other media with an agenda, investigate to determine what is the truth by examining the facts.

Nothing is perfect…but The United States is the best Country in the World…help keep it that way with  your active involvement.

Johnny J.

A Grain of Sand … or a meaningful life?


I Goggled the definition or the general meaning of the phrase “A grain of sand”.  There were variations of the meaning and some tied to poetry or more elaborate meanings than I needed for this topic.

So…my interpretation (as it relates to size)… is one of an endless amount…or one that is insignificant as it relates to the rest of the world. 

Ever think that you are a mere gain of sand with the inability to make a difference?

Sounds pretty bleak in the scheme of things if it relates to You as “a grain of sand”… but, not necessarily  true.

If you can make an impact in someone’s life by inspiring them to be something much greater than themselves then you have elevated “two grains of sand” into a meaningful life…yours and there’s.

Now with that said…let’s address a few facts before we go any further… “life is not fair, get over it”…and, “everyone is not equal”  when it comes to intelligence, ambition, motivation, desire, etc…no governmental law will ever change that.

I am a believer that not everyone in life has a defined purpose other than moving from one day to the next…and that’s okay.

Dying is a given…I have never heard of anyone escaping that destiny.   The only lasting thing that you leave behind of value when you leave this world is the impact that you may have made on others by lending a helping hand or by inspiring them to find their purpose.

I have never been an opponent of  what we refer to as a traditional funeral.  Many times they should consist of two different venues…based on the years that the individual has spent on this earth.  Grieving…and then a Celebration of Life at a later time…at which time the family can participate…a time of humorous stories spent with the individual.  I will always remember the Celebration of Life gatherings that I have attended…they were tributes to the individual…and I still smile when I think of them.

The poem by William Earnest Henley…Invictus.  The last phrase of that poem is… “I am the master of my fate…I am the captain of my soul”. 

So determine what’s your purpose is in life?…it may play out in your celebration of life.

Johnny J.

Is Truth the Same as Fact?

Is Truth the Same as Fact?

Truth is defined as:  “that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality”.  The difference between truth and factis that fact is something that cannot be combated with reasoning, for it is logic itself…but truth is something which depends on a person’s perspective and experience.

Let’s take an example and reduce it to the “ridiculous”.

This bucket has a hole in it…truth or fact?

Truth: “This bucket appears to be losing water which could be due to evaporation or over-flow because the surface that it is sitting on is not level, etc.…”  (a little bit of fact and a person’s truth).

Fact: This damn bucket has a hole in it and is losing water…period!

Every day (providing you don’t live in a cave) we are confronted through social media, personal contract, the news media and pundits explaining to us their interpretation of that bucket.

I find nothing more condescending than to listen to a speech (which is usually political) and then have a pundit explaining to me what I just heard and the meaning of it.  If he or she wants to take issue with the content…so be it…but don’t blow smoke up my ass and call it cotton candy.

A lot of individuals have begun to tune out because of the rhetoric of both the left and right…don’t be one of them.  The extremist of either side can and will change the world that we live in if we choose to set this one out.

We are a country of values, laws and assimilation…or so we were.

Have there been mistakes in the past that we are not proud of?…absolutely!  Learn from our history…and move forward.  Unfortunately there are individuals that use the “poor me” attitude to promote their agenda and attempt to place guilt on individuals and a society far removed from that era.  I question our education system today that it doesn’t teach our history and its importance.  I believe that the history of today’s generation is the news media, pundits and ideology…verbalizing their “truths”…not necessarily “facts”.  A history of 8 second sound bites.

Our County is not upside down yet, but it is on “tilt” with its changing ideology that moves farther away from the values that made this Country different from other parts of the world.  We are a blend of cultures that have assimilated and prospered in a County of laws that provides freedom and opportunity for those with a will to reach for it.  Is life fair?…NO…everyone is not equal with ability…get over it…but freedom, individuality, and opportunity are there for all.

Don’t “tune out”…wake up and investigate for yourself and speak out…if you choose to live in your  isolated bubble you could eventually find yourself living in a County…that you no longer recognize.  It’s up to us to verbalize the “facts” that represents the “truth”…exercise that freedom.

May God Bless America

Johnny J. 




In 1933 a security police agency was created by Hermann Goring to serve the purpose of Nazi Germany and German-occupied Europe. It ruthlessly eliminated opposition to the Nazis within Germany and its occupied territories…and preformed unmentionable atrocities to mankind.  It was known as the “Gestapo”.

So before you get upset with the reference and comparison that I am about to make…just look at the first sentence above and stop…at this similarity.   Their purpose was to identify their opposition and then look for a crime or violation to condemn or remove them.

Today in the Unites States of America there is a visible transparency that some politicians, certain elements of the federal agencies and media have joined forces to eliminate the opposing party.  Not by persuading the American Voters to vote the opposition out of office…but by identifying their opposition and then looking for a crime to attach to them…and using their authority to remove them.  “We the People” elect our representatives…and “We the People” should be the ones to remove them.

Do we make mistakes?…absolutely! …but their actions are by design.  I reluctantly use the term “Public Servants” because in my opinion they (as a whole) are far from doing what best serves the public and the values that this County was founded upon.  Its’ all about self-preservation and power…not the American public.

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel…keep your eyes open to the politics and politicians of today…hold them accountable…and use common sense in your evaluation.  If they don’t follow the path of the Constitution that this County was built on…vote them out…. this is not Nazi Germany of 1933.

In an article by Alina M. Zapalska, she referenced that by teaching the youth of the atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany during that period of time “…we allow students to comprehend how a society can very subtly and slowly lose sight of ethical values. It demonstrates how a nation can be easily moved to the margins of a society, and then slowly removed from that society all together”.

May God Bless America.

Johnny J.


2019…the year of the politicians “jogging for position…2020”


  • Lying, pandering and insulting our intelligence.
  • Photo ops to convince us that they are just ordinary people.
  • Embracing ideology that destroys the foundation of our Country.
  • Hollywood celebrities thinking that we give a damn about their opinion.
  • Committees to form committees to investigate the committees that are     investigating the other committees.
  • Being labeled as a bigot, racist, sexist, homophobia…because we believe in capitalism instead of socialism.

Now there will be a group of politicians that you won’t be hearing from…

They are the ones hiding in the weeds so that they don’t get caught up in the fray of controversy that might connect them to the losers of the battle.  They are the career politicians that are more concerned with self-preservation than doing the right thing for the sake of the Country… or the ones that somewhere along the way of their “public service” career…they were neutered.      

Let’s not forget the propaganda machine…I would like to think that was a time that the news media actually reported the news as they saw it…that it was not manufactured or slanted to fit their agenda…maybe I was naive or that it was so cleverly packaged that it was believable…not today.

The definition of Common Sense … “the basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without the need for debate” …is not so Common anymore.

Vote to retain our individual rights, freedom, and preserve the basic foundation that this country was built on…meanwhile  during the next 12 months you might want to change the channel every other day and watch reruns of your favorite sitcoms in order to maintain your sanity….and don’t forget the Barf Bag for those other days.