Where do you live?


This question doesn’t pertain to a geographical area…but one of your mind-set and reality.

Even though our body lives in the present, our thoughts and decisions do not always follow it’s lead.

In my opinion there is no right or wrong answer to this question… and its above my pay grade to judge, but I do find it interesting to analyze myself as well as others based on their actions.

If you should decide to do the same consider the three components of past, present and future.  Start with a 100% and start moving the scale based on your mind-set and the decisions that you make in your daily life….and analyze the results.  If the end result doesn’t  provide a form of contentment  within yourself …just remember only you have the ability to change it.

I know many people who live the majority of their time in the past.  When you are around them they are always reflecting on the past and most of their conversation always starts with… I remember when…They retain the same small circle of friends that they have brought with them to the present to relive those past moments  ever time they get together.  Current events or future plans are very seldom discussed…unless it’s a conversation about when they plan to get together again.

I am a person who lives the majority of his time in the present.  There are many poetic clichés that I could use to reference this…but I won’t.  For me…the past is the past…I can’t change it…its over.  I do have what I refer to as 15 second flashbacks …some are painful…some are happy moments but the more time you spend there the more you steal from the present. The future for me is about 2 weeks from the present.  Is this a healthy environment to live in?…probably not if you ask an economist or financial planner.  I have become comfortable and content with my life… by doing what is necessary in the present… to produce the financial means for that comfort.

The people that live for the future are some of the most optimistic people that I know. They are certain that there is a future and are constantly preparing for it. These individuals tend to lose site of “living life in the present” by only preparing for the future…and when (and if) their definition of the future arrives unfortunately their health and physical condition may prevent them from enjoying the fruits of their labor. The only thing that I am certain about is that the past is gone… the future is not guaranteed and at the time I wrote this…there was a present.

So…back to the original question…where do you live?

3-16-2014 3-03-17 PM

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